beep means it is time to stop your car.

Vehicles’ parking sensors produce beep sound as an information to alert drivers when it detects object from the back. This happens when drivers reverse their vehicle during a situation such as parking. The beep sound produced acts as a signifier for people when it comes to parking.

The beep sound alerts drivers from running into objects, and sometimes it can be people too. As such, accidents can be avoided with parking sensors equipped in vehicles. Sound should be visible in the sense that it will signal something about the actions that are being taken place and also actions that matter to the users (Norman, 2013). Sound tells us about things that are out of reach by our eyes, and it does so while our eyes are occupied elsewhere therefore it is as essential as visual information (Norman, 2013).

This is a fairly good design as not only does it bring convenience but also ensure drivers’ safety.


Norman, D. A. (2013). The design of everyday things. New York: Basic Books.


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