Car Phone Holder

This is a car phone holder that is specially designed for drivers’ convenience. We all know that drivers are not supposed to get a hold of phone when they are driving, but, the question is, what if they need global positioning system (GPS) in order to reach their desired destination?

In my opinion, this is a well-designed object for the sake of drivers’ convenience as well as their safety. Drivers can secure the phone holder by adhering it to the car’s windshield which is appropriate to them. Now they can conveniently place their mobile phone in the holder when they need to use GPS while they are on the road. Not only are their hands freed from being occupied by holding phone while driving, they are also freed from having to juggle between holding onto the steering wheel and holding phone at the same time that is critically dangerous. This sparks the human factors engineering which is the discipline that is to be achieved by identifying and addressing the aforementioned issues (PSNet, 2016).


PSNet. (2016). Human factors engineering. Retrieved from




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