This is a running armband for cell phones. When people go running, they bring their cell phones along for contacts, listening to music, setting timer etc. However, how does one take care of his or her cell phone when their hands are normally jiggling when running?  Plus, usually there are not pockets in running shorts and pants. Then there is the existence of running armbands for cell phones.

This is a good design as this product designed to tackle the aforementioned concern faced by people who go for running. This is an adjustable armband that allows people to adjust according to their comfort on their arm when they wear it. They can manually fasten how tightly they want. This is made to hold the cell phone in place in the armband when the arms are jiggling during a run. The chances are that the cell phone is normally stayed put in the armband, allowing the runners to be at ease.

This is fairly safe to use as the attachment is strong so as to hold the cell phone to hold in place. In light of human factor, this design is created to optimize the users’ ability to accomplish their tasks error-free and accept the system as a useful tool (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, n.d.).

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. (n.d.). Definition of human factors and ergonomics. Retrieved from


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