Hövding: An Airbag for Cyclists

Airbags are usually made for vehicles and are a vehicle safety device. Recently, cyclists need not fear when they are on the road as airbags have been specially made for them, too. In my opinion, this is a rather life-saving device for cyclists as it is not just a regular bicycle helmet but an airbag that has higher-level shock absorption during an event of an accident. It could save cyclists’ lives. The quality of use of this particular design including usability and user health and safety has met the criterion of having a very good understanding of the context of use of the design (Maguire, 2001).

This cyclist airbag goes by the name Hövding and it is a thoughtfully designed safety device for cyclists. It does not only provides protection for cyclists’ head and neck but also covers a bigger area as compared to a traditional bicycle helmet. It works through advanced sensors in the airbag, tracking the cyclist’s movement and it deploys.

In many years, cyclists were seriously injured or killed. However, with Hövding produced in the market it can save a cyclist’s life, if not lessen the degree of injury.

This is a good user-centered design especially for cyclists. They can cycle with airbags worn around their head and neck, deploying any time in the event of an accident. They will be protected like those who drive a car.


  1. Maguire, M. (2001). Methods to support human-centered design. Int. J. Human-Computer Studies, 55, 587-634. doi:10.1006/ijhc.2001.0503

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