a poorly designed discussion room in a library

This is a discussion room in a library in a particular university. This is a poorly designed discussion room as you can see from the above picture in which the dividers are not entirely attached to the ceiling, making it not soundproof. Libraries, in general, are designated quiet places for people to read. In other words, everyone is asked to be shushed; there is no phone rings and no group study.

However, from the university’s perspective of building a discussion room in the library, the authority wants to provide an innovative solution to suit students’ need of wanting more space to have discussion besides student lounge which only feeds a few measly students. Unfortunately, when noise is produced, it immediately becomes an unpleasant occurrence in said library.

This is not a perfect user-centered design as it may bring convenience for people that need to use the discussion room, those that are in the library may experience trouble by getting distracted or annoyed by the noise that they might produce.

Apart from the undone dividers in the discussion room, the importance of designing the discussion room to be soundproof should take into account as well. The discussion room should be designed like an anechoic chamber which is like a room that is designed to entirely absorb reflections of either sound or electromagnetic waves (Omics International, 2012). Most importantly, outside can be insulated from the interior sources of noise (Omics International, 2012).

While this design is usable but it is definitely not satisfying as it can bring trouble to people.


  1. Omics International. (2012). Retrieved from http://research.omicsgroup.org/index.php/Anechoic_chamber

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